Events & Party's

At AMVO, we want our guests to enjoy their stay. You are more than welcome to enjoy delicious beverages and snacks, a nice diner, or even party's and events. If you would like to rent a venue you can contact us! We can customize a personal program for you in which we want to guarantee the best quality. To be sure that all of your desires are met, and all of the options are discussed with each other, our staff uses a professional plan of action. To give you an impression of all of the options available, please look at the overview of our venues. All of our venues feature a climate control system as well as perfect sound installations, together with a broad musical archive. 

The Bühne

 This venue features a beautiful stage and an increased ceiling, lots of audiovisual equipment and light-effects, creating a very contemporary and modern look.

The Bühne is a versatile room which can be used for party's, presentations and performances. This venue can accommodate up to 500 guests. 


Volendammer Venue

 The "Volendammer" room is our absolute showpiece; it exudes (despite of her size) warmth and sociability. This venue has been decorated with many classic paintings and warm colors. The paintings represent Volendam and its history. The Volendammer room can accommodate up to 350 guests. 


Boven Venue

 Our upstairs venue has got a lovely view over Volendam. This room is richly decorated with paintings of the famous painter Claude Monet. This venue can be described as modern, but with numerous classical accents (art deco). This room can accommodate from 35 up to a 100 guests.


Grand-Café Charleston















Our beautiful, authentic Grand-Café "Charleston"  is completely redone , and has a luxurious and warm atmosphere. You can enjoy all kinds of beverages and snacks. Charleston is suitable for organizing party's with your friends and family, or you can just unwind and enjoy the company. The interior design of Charleston is very classic, with stained glass throughout the Café and the use of dark wood.